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Homeroom Assignments:

There are 33 different lessons, you’ll need to complete 10 lessons for each credit.  Log into Schoology to access the Homeroom assignments.  Be sure to read all the instructions.  

Apartment Expenses – Watch & complete: "How Much Rent Can You Afford?"

Applying for Jobs Online – Complete reading & fill out the online application.    

Banking – Watch 4 videos: "Spending Plans 101"; "Funding Your Future"; "Checking & Savings 101"; & "How to Get a Bank Account."

Budget – Watch 2 videos: “How to Make an Emergency Budget,” “It’s a Money Thing: How to Organize Your Finances”

Car Buying – Watch 4 videos: “How to Finance a Car”, “How to Get Car Insurance”, “Buy or Lease” & “Car Insurance 101”

Cash or Credit? – Watch 2 videos: “Credit Card Debt Explained”, “Is Cash Going Extinct?”

Credit – Watch 3 videos: “Credit Cards 101”, "Credit Scores & Reports” & “How to Rebuild Your Credit”

Economic Stimulus – Complete: “Will Economic Stimulus save the economy?”

Free for all? – Complete:“Are ‘Free’ Video Games Really Free?”

Grit – What it is & why it’s important? – Complete reading & answer questions.  

Heath Insurance 101 – Complete: “How To Compare Health Insurance Plans”, “Health Insurance 101: The Basics (Health Insurance 1/3)”, & “Health Insurance 101: Types of Plans (Health Insurance 2/3)”

Health Insurance Explained – Complete: "The YouToons Have it Covered"

How to develop a Growth Mindset – Complete reading & answer questions.   

Investing – Watch 3 videos: "Why Invest"; "How to Invest"; & "401K & IRA 101."

Interview & Resume Skills – Watch 2 videos: “How to Write a Resume” & “Interview Tips for Teens”

It Costs How Much? – Complete: “The Hidden Cost of Joining a Gym”, The Hidden Costs of Every Decision You Make”

Living on Minimum Wage – Complete reading & answer questions.    

Loans – Watch 4 videos: “Mortgages 101”, “Payday Loans Explained”, “Loans 101”, & “Student Loans 101”

Minimum Wage Video – Watch the video: “30 Days Episode 1 season 1”

No Free Lunch – Complete: “How Eating Out Keeps You Poor

Pay Day – Complete: “Pay Day 101: Direct Deposit”, “How to Read a Pay Stub”

Personality Profile – Complete reading & answer questions.   

Protect Yourself – Complete: “Protect Yourself from Identity Theft”, & “How to Spot Scams”

Renting an Apartment – Watch 3 videos:  "How to Get an Apartment," "Renters Insurance 101," & "How to Get Renters Insurance."

Research Skills & Media Literacy – Complete reading & answer questions.    

Study Skills –Watch 2 videos: "Focus & Concentration" & "Taking Notes."

Taxes – Watch 2 videos: “Do I Need to Pay Federal Taxes” & “Taxes 101”.

Then use the sample W-2 form to complete the 1040 form attached. You can use the 1040sa form to see if you can make itemized deductions on your 1040 form. You will need to print the form & turn it in to your teacher when it is complete.           

Sample W2          f1040          f1040sa          Tax Table 

Understanding Your Digital Footprint – Watch 2 videos: “Four Reasons to Care about your Digital Footprint” & “Digital Footprint”

Voting – Complete reading & answer questions.   

Voting Age – Watch the video "Voting Age: Should It Be Lowered?" Answer the questions in the video.

Workplace Skills – Watch 3 videos: "Soft Skills-Communication"; "Soft Skills-Professionalism"; & "Soft Skills-Attitude & Enthusiasm". Complete the lessons.  



Each year, the state of Colorado requires students to complete activities that will prepare them for graduation & the post-secondary world.  These activities must be completed before the end of the school year or before you can officially graduate.

We will be using the NAVIANCE program to complete the required activities. You can log into NAVIANCE any time & complete your assigned tasks. Follow the instructions below to access NAVIANCE:

  1. Go to: 
  2. You'll use your network username (the one you use to log into the computer). 
  3. Once you are logged in, go to the upper right corner & find “My Planner”, choose “Task” from the drop-down menu.
  4. You will see a list of tasks that need to be completed by May 10th. Select a task.
  5. To open the task, go to the red arrow & click the bold text.